Yaesu FT-221R 2-Meter Multimode Transceiver

This unit came out in about 1977, and was marketed as a triumph of miniaturization. No tubes! One could mount this in your car under the dash. Really! It's only about 20 pounds...and it has a handle on one side. It must be portable!

Puts out 12 W PEP on USB or LSB, 14 W on CW, 14 W on FM and 2.5 W carrier power on beautiful glorious AM. Includes RIT and XIT ("Clarifier" in the Yaesu lingo), one VFO and 11 crystal slots. The crystals combine with 8 IF settings to give up to 88 crystal controlled channels. The 8 IFs are spaced every 500 KHz, and can combine with the VFO which also has a 500 KHz range. Creative crystalling will give access to CAP and MARS frequencies.

Supports standard 600 KHz repeater offset above 146 MHz. Custom offset is available by plugging in an appropriate crystal. No CTCSS tone support, although that would be an easy mod. Includes crystal-controlled marker generator for calibrating the VFO

Fellow Drone Comm Unit conspirator N7DCU has more pictures for your enjoyment.

300 DPI scanned manual

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