Icom IC-207H Dual-Band Mobile Transceiver

An inexpensive single-VFO transceiver. Has extended receive in the VHF band, 136-174 MHz, and air band receive, 118-136 MHz. Transmits in the 2m band 144-148 MHz, and in the 70cm band from 440-450 only. (I don't know why; Icom's mobiles just seem to be that way...)

This radio has a separate output from the discriminator which makes it work with 9600-baud packet applications.

Output power is selectable from 5, 10, 20 and 50 watts (VHF; high power on UHF is 35 watts)

This unit is on its last legs. The backlight is out and the audio stage has completely failed. Signal is still available at the packet port, so I'm using this one as part of a digipeater station.

The radio is modifiable, giving the following capabilities:

AIR118.000 - 135.995AMRX
144136.000 - 174.000FMTX/RX
300320.000 - 399.995AMRX
440400.000 - 479.000FMTX/RX
800849.000 - 869.000
894.000 - 950.000

Note: because this radio lacks type acceptance for any radio service requiring such, it is unlawful to use this radio on non-amateur frequencies no matter what licenses you may have. (Statement applies in the United States of America. Your milage may vary.) If your life is worth more than an $11,000 fine, you're all set!

The modifications can be screwed up, too, giving you the following capabilities:


If you end up with a radio like this, I want to hear NOTHING about it...

Manual 1.5 MB pdf